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A little about me....

I was born in Daytona Beach, Florida.  I lived in New Jersey until the age of 8 when my family moved to Southern California.  I spent most of my life there - growing up about 10 minutes from Disneyland near Anaheim, California.

I sold insurance for most of my adult life.  After about 15 years of working for someone else, I decided to start my own insurance agency.  I grew my agency into a nice business.  Someone decided to make me a cash offer for my business and I sold it.

In April, 2017, I came to Beijing and began working for an agency teaching English to children.  Initially, I worked for a kindergarten teaching anywhere from 18 to 25 students per class.  After about four months, the agency I work for moved me to a training center.  There, I was able to develop more personal relationships with the chindren I taught.  I enjoyed very much working with smaller groups of children where, I believe, the education was more productive.
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